Friday, December 12, 2014

Like a Bulldozer to the Heart!

The end of one series marks the beginning of another. We just couldn't wait to work on this, so we decided to release chapter 1 of Ayumi Komura's new series, Full Dozer! And it even came with a large color title page. However, even though we've released the first chapter from Margaret, we will not be working from the magazine raws from here on out for a number of reasons (one of the biggest being the money issue, but working from the volumes is simply easier on us). So consider this a sneak peak into the series while we wait for the first volume to be released next April.

In Full Dozer, Mao Manaka is a 15-year-old girl in junior high school who appears to be a refined beauty on the outside, but she's actually an impulsive girl who is very persistent once she has made up her mind to do something, which her childhood friend Ryouma likens to a bulldozer. This personality causes others her age to tend to stay away from her, and Ryouma enjoys the fact that he's basically the only person who can hang around her because he secretly has feelings for Mao.

Ryouma's daily interactions with Mao change one day when she meets Hayato Honjou, a fledgling actor who has had trouble making a name for himself in the entertainment industry. Ryouma quickly notices a change in Mao's demeanor when she starts showing a lot of interest in Hayato's up-and-coming career. Mao soon tells Ryouma that she has feelings for Hayato, and she shows Ryouma how determined she is to get closer to Hayato.

Full Dozer ch. 1: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Is this a trap/gender bender manga?
    It doesn't look like with that description.

  2. Umm... I'm really skeptical.

    I love Uso Lily and Mix Vegetable and Komura's other one shots. She really has such a lighthearted and humorous touch with manga. And avoidance of stupid drama that could easily be solved if the characters just communicated with each other (wins all the shoujo points, if you ask me).

    But, idk, show biz...? Shoujo in general has such a superficial understanding of the talent industry, and how ruthless, highly competitive, and how much hard work goes into it. (Not that Komura's portrayal of cross-dressing and gender roles was realistic... I don't know why talent industry manga specifically jars my suspension of disbelief.) Nevertheless, I wish Komura had chosen something else for the topic of her new series.

    Sorry, I'm not being more gung ho about this. The characters all seem likeable, and I'll give it a shot since Komura's writing it, and Hachimitsu did such a good job scanning, as always. Thanks guys.

  3. It looks interesting but we'll see what it's like when a few more chapters comes out. Too early to say much.

  4. I'm actually really interested in where this series will go. Thanks for the great scans!