Sunday, December 14, 2014

Trust Your Instincts!

Rounding out Josou Shounen v17 Princess Apple Group are two last one-shots, meaning this is now the fifth volume we've completed. The first is Tsuiteru Ko to no Tsukiaikata (How to Date a Girl Who Has It Attached) by Hoppege. Chihiro is suddenly confessed to by her schoolmate Kaoru, only to later discover that Kaoru is actually a cross-dressing guy.

The second is Meguru Complex by Ondi. Meguru is a delinquent who would do anything for his twin sister Megumi. When Megumi gets a cold, Meguru impersonates her and goes to her school to see if her boyfriend Ooizumi is worthy of her.

Now for some news about what's coming up. First of all, the next issue of Febri comes out in a few days, so we'll be working on Himegoto again soon, followed about a week later by another Himegoto when Comic Rex's latest issue is released. Volume 3 of Sweet Magic Syndrome comes out on December 25th. Next month, Kuragehime volume 15 comes out on January 13th, and Kyou Kara Yonshimai volume 3 comes out on January 24th. Bokura no Hentai volume 7 will come out on February 13th.

Tsuiteru Ko to no Tsukiaikata one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox
Meguru Complex one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. 'How to Date a Girl Who Has It Attached'

    What a title.

  2. Thanks as always :)

  3. Those were quite funny, thanks a lot!

  4. My needed dose of Josou Shounen has arrived.

  5. Next volume of Sweet Magic Syndrome?! Yay!~ Can't wait :D

  6. I hope there's more chapters of Meguru Complex. I love when delinquents crossdress.

  7. Thank you for sharing
    Can I ask it is possible to build a single Post with all the translated chapters of Josou Shounen Anthology?
    Why I ask? simple I want to download them all and read them when my internet is slow.

    1. All of the Josou Shounen chapters are listed on There are also two Mediafire folders containing all the chapters that you can download all at once using the green download button near the top: and