Monday, September 14, 2015

At the End of Cross-dressing is...More Cross-dressing!

After a few days of some tedious work, we are proud to present the last bit of all 17 volumes of Josou Shounen. So after a little over 4 years, 17 volumes, 61 authors and 142 one-shots, we can finally put this series to rest.

We've had a lot of good times with this series, and we leave it with a lot of fond memories from the various series that it contained like Zenryoku Otome, Kokuhaku, Josou Debut, and Boku no Koto Suki ni Natte, among others; and also a lot of the single one-shots that really deserved more installments (like Mezame no Ippo? by Miyuki Nakayama from v08 Melon Group, or Sensei to Boku to. by Kira Nakamura from v12 Banana Group, among so many others, just to name a couple that really stood out).

Speaking of things that stood out, many of the volume covers were very nice, particularly volumes 9 and 16 shown above by Cuteg and Tomoki Matsumoto. But it had a good, long run, and for a series we had thought would end around volume 10, it now ends as one of our all-time longest projects. Granted, not every single one-shot in this series was memorable, but at least we can say that we finished it. We learned a lot from doing manga by so many different authors with so many different styles, and there are definitely some of those authors we would love to see more of in the future. But for now, we'll say so long to Josou Shounen, and maybe Ichijinsha will start up the series again someday. Only time will tell.

Below is a link just containing the covers, bonus illustrations and table of contents from each volume in a single batch if that's all you want. Otherwise, the 17 volumes have been recompiled with all the one-shots and extras included.

Josou Shounen vol. 1-17 extras: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 1: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 2: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 3: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 4: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 5: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 6: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 7: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 8: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 9: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 10: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 11: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 12: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 13: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 14: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 15: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 16: Mediafire
Josou Shounen volume 17: Mediafire


  1. Hi, I just want to give big THANK YOU for all your works.
    I really really enjoyed reading these :D

  2. I think this might actually make me read the parts I skipped as well...

  3. Thank you (seriously) for all of your time and work on this project.

  4. thank you so much!

  5. Thank you very much for this masterpiece
    well done guys

  6. Thank you very much for all your hard work to share, I'm looking forward to read!!!

  7. Thank you a lot, I really appreciate all the hard work you guys have done~! But, what if a Volume 18 comes out would you guys pick it up?

    1. Yes, we will do any additional volumes if any are published.

  8. It is always sad to see the end of an era. How much cute cross-dressing will be in the future? Time will tell...

  9. Hmm... I could swear I counted 144 chapters in all the volumes. Did you forget to count the Himegoto extras?

    1. Ah, no, counted again, my math seems to have failed me somewhere...

  10. Thank you very much for your work, really loved this series :) Hope there'll be more volumes.

  11. So no more Josou Shonen ? This series have change me a lot.
    Thank you for translating. I will be looking forward for your next projects.

  12. why dont you pick up kunisaki izumo no jijou ? it was good gender bender manga