Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Skirts are the Key!

Here's another quick release of Boy Skirt with chapter 5, leaving  one more chapter in the volume.

Boy Skirt ch. 5: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. I'm liking this series more than I expected. It's silly, but the leads are cute and earnest

  2. Hi there!. Firstly I would like to thank you to you guys (or girls) for translating this series.
    I enjoy this series very much, and it's really heart warming.

    So, I want to know - how many volume this series already ongoing?. I check in amazon, they only sell first volume. Seeing as you guys translating this, I would like to donate so that you can buy another bunch of this manga.

    1. As ever thanks forever for providing these nuggets of entertainment and relief in these trying days!!

    2. @Andrew Bayu
      There's only one volume out right now, and volume 2 may not be released for another 6 months.

  3. Hilarious chapter! Completely lost it when he turned super buff. Thanks for your hard work!