Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Skirts: The Ultimate Weapon!

Finally, the long, long wait is over as we finally get back to Boy Skirt since we released the first chapter way back at the beginning of the year. Due to this manga being on hiatus for about six months, this volume was delayed by at least four or five months, but I assure you, the wait has been worth it if you liked what you saw from chapter 1.

In addition to releasing chapter 2, we also have a v2 for chapter 1 which includes the stuff from the volume, including the covers, title page and table of contents; the chapter itself remains unchanged except for some edits on the last page to bring it in line with the volume release. The volume itself is huge (210 pages, about as big as the largest Usolily volumes) and is already hard to get on Amazon, so it looks like it's already in its second printing.

Boy Skirt ch. 1 (v2): Mediafire, Dropbox
Boy Skirt ch. 2: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Whooooo! It's back! Thanks a lot!

  2. thanks, thanks, thanks!!!

  3. You're gonna do this one? Is still ongoing or it's completed un japan? HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED TO COMPLET IT?!

    1. cannot post with my fb account here, my web page is "la merca de mikorin" find me if there is somehow any way to help

  4. Yuppee, it`s here!

  5. the wait was indeed worth it, thank you very much for the new chapter :)

  6. Hurray for cute boys in skirts!

    I hope this one ends up like Prunus Girl :3

  7. Yes,thank you, and I agree with crimsonDX, I hope it will end happily like Prunus Girl. Sometimes I am afraid for this kinda manga since some author didn't brave enough to ended up the trap and the boy, and instead stick another girl to become with the boy.

  8. Well worth the wait. Looking forward to the rest of the chapters~