Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Water is Always Bluer!

771 days. That is how long it's been since we released a chapter from Shounen Oujo, a series that we have now been working on for almost four years on and off, and yet have only three completed volumes and the current fourth volume to show for it. Why? Because this series, more than any other we've done, has been plagued by hiatuses almost since it began, not to mention taking a full two years off and then changing magazines earlier this year when it reappeared in Comic it in February.

To better put in perspective just how long it's been, since we finished volume 3 back in October 2013, we as a scan group have started and completed seven series (Kakukaku Shikajika, Oto Koi, Kyou Kara Yonshimai, Nisekoi Boyfriend, Full Dozer, Stop!! Hibari-kun!, and Hana wa Nisemono) and completed another five series we were already doing at the time (Himegoto, Josou Shounen, Sweet Magic Syndrome, Kenjutsu Komachi, and Usotsuki Lily, plus an assortment of series from Waai/Mahalo). In fact, of the series we are currently still doing, only two of our major projects that we were doing at the time still have yet to be completed (Kuragehime and Bokura no Hentai).

So Shounen Oujo is as much a part of our past as it is our present and future whenever a new volume comes up, as one did last month. In the end, we are very pleased to say something we have been dying to say for over two years now: Shounen Oujo chapter 20 is finished at the start of volume 4. In the chapter, there is a change in the spelling of a previously minor character's name, originally rendered as Shellvon, but this has been changed to Shelwon. Other than that, everything else is the same, including the massive amount of love we pour into this series to make reading it as enjoyable, and as close to it's original ambiance, as possible. So please enjoy as we once again work on this incredible series.

And as one more additional piece of news, Shounen Oujo is reportedly getting a two-volume drama CD series next year with Natsuki Hanae as Albert, Takahiro Sakurai as Guy, Takuma Terashima as Theodore, and Daisuke Hirakawa as Olivier. Based on these characters, and the fact that Alexia is not present, we can assume it's essentially going to adapt scenes from volume 2, and maybe also volume 3, but we'll have to wait and see.

Next up, the start of Bokura no Hentai v09.

Shounen Oujo ch. 20: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Let me be the first to say thank you for your dedication to this great series! I've been waiting so long for this chapter, its almost unreal that it's here. Also, now I want to go reread "Stop!! Hibari-kun!".

  2. ahh thank you so much for this new chapter!

  3. Thank you so, so much for the new chapter!
    And also thank you for working on this series. It's incredible to think that it has been two years since the last update, because of the hiatus. I'm really happy that you didn't give up on Shounen Oujo, even with all the troubles that happened! Thank you so much!!!
    Also, the drama cd seems very nice and has a great cast and a male voice actor for Albert! It makes me hopeful for an anime in the future, maybe... Even though it's unlikely.

  4. Thanks for not giving up on this series!

  5. *tears of joy* I can't wait for Bokura no Hentai.

    And Shounen Ouji's back! Nice!