Monday, February 29, 2016

Happily Met, My Lady and My Wife!

Today we are doing something we've never done before: release something on Leap Day. We missed our chance to do it four years ago, but there was no missing it this year. And so, here are Hanayome wa Motodanshi chapters 7 and 8, leaving just one chapter left in the series.

Hanayome wa Motodanshi ch. 7: Mediafire, Dropbox
Hanayome wa Motodanshi ch. 8: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. If I could use one word to describe this series..... "Hope".

    Thank you for the awesome work on this cute yet important series.

  2. oh, i love how she went through the details of the change on the documents. thanks so much for this series!

    This is my site if you want to take a look at it

  4. Thanks again :) Love this site and series

  5. Thank you very much for your great work. It inspired me so much during last night (I read the whole Manga in 1 session) i have a question though. How old were you when you started transitioning?

    Im 18 now still living with my parents, they know im Transgender yet aslong as i live with them my mother doesnt really support me, the opposite rather.

    And i could probably already start transitioning when i get a job. I feel like i cant wait any longer but i probably have having my hopes up that my life will occur as yours did.

    1. We merely scanlated the manga, but if you want to know how old Chii was when she started transitioning, she had already gone through college and got a job, so she must have been in her early to mid 20s or so.