Thursday, March 10, 2016

You Can't Help Who You Are!

Hot off the heels of the last release, here's Shimanami Tasogare chapter 2. Oddly, this chapter was originally published a month after chapter 1, but then the series went on a bimonthly schedule after that. On the one hand, we would love to read more chapters of this sooner, but on the other hand, all the intricate detail Kamatani puts into the pages would probably not be possible if this was on a monthly release schedule.

Also, there's a very interesting tweet by Kamatani back in 2012 we found that we feel is very relevant as to why he started this manga last year. The tweet in question is translated below:
I know it's not something I have to hide, go out of my way to say, or even try to categorize, but when I've tried to live by flying under the radar, there have been times when I've been very annoyed at myself for thoughtlessly glossing over it. I don't want to gloss over it. I'm X-gender and asexual. That's the type of person I am.
 Shimanami Tasogare ch. 2: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. ohh my gosh, this manga is so good, thank you so much for bringing it to us!
    also, maybe use "they" pronouns for kamatani-sensei? i feel like they'd suit x-gender more than "he" does.

    happy to see more non-binary gender and ace stuff out in the world :)

  2. Thank you for translating this manga. So far it's really interesting can't wait for next chapter.

  3. Wow, Kamatani Yuuki is ace? I knew about their being X-gender, but not about that. Good to know there are ace mangaka out there; I've never heard of one before.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  4. It sounds really interesting. That's the first time I dare to comment though I wish to thank you all for your hard work which I appreciate greatly. Seeing all the gender realistic series you're doing I regret your group is not the one doing the Aiesu manga (Otoko demo onna demo nai sei) not that the group doing it does a bad work at all but the theme seems to fit perfectly with your group. I recommand it to readers interested in those themes, it's a wonderful manga even if the end of this serie seems faraway in time (in english).