Thursday, December 13, 2018

Love is a Complicated Thing!

Now we come to the end of Giniro no Genders volume 1 with the release of chapters 6 and 7, which have title pages that look really nice next to each other, so that's a small added bonus in this release. As mentioned at the end of the volume, volume 2 is scheduled to be released in February, so we'll be getting back to this series after then.

In the meantime, we will be finishing up Bokumaho's first volume next, and we'll also be doing the recent Fukaboku chapter soon.

Giniro no Genders ch. 6: Mediafire, Drive
Giniro no Genders ch. 7: Mediafire, Drive


  1. Thanks for the chapters.

    I didn't expect that

  2. I'm really curious as to what happens next! (I can't believe I didn't realize the LGBT picture was a hint as to who's what... orz)

  3. wow... that last chapter just spiked my interest in this series. still not sure how much i like it (maybe im just intimidated by nakamachi), but it's definitely interesting! thanks for this series!

  4. this boy have will femm. :D

  5. aaa i need more of this!! thank you so much!!