Monday, March 25, 2019

Mirth Cannot Move a Soul in Agony!

Finally, here are Kanoboku chapters 16 and 17, the most recent chapters to be released. The series is usually on a biweekly schedule with new chapters every other Monday, and the next chapter is scheduled for release next week.

And yes, we will be releasing the next Nettaigyo chapter this week.

Kanojo ni Naritai Kimi to Boku ch. 16: Mediafire, Drive
Kanojo ni Naritai Kimi to Boku ch. 17: Mediafire, Drive


  1. Well at least it's on a biweekly schedule. Won't be a killer wait like Shimanami Tasogare was.

  2. oh man. im getting more and more excited to see where this goes. im really appreciating all the stories and diff POVs in this!! thanks so much!