Thursday, December 16, 2010

Give Me an E! Give Me an N!

What does that spell? Yes, one of our favorite cross-dressers, En! Usotsuki Lily chapter 7 is out with the start of volume 2. As previewed at the end of the last chapter, this one deals with the athletics festival, and what goes hand-in-hand with sports is of course cheerleading. Not much else to say, so without further ado,

Usotsuki Lily ch. 7: Mediafire, Megaupload


  1. really enjoyed your releases

  2. This chapter was completely ridiculous! :D But I loved it. Thank you!

  3. tyvm for this crazy and cute (with a dash of forced stripping) chapter

  4. Thank you for the new chapter!

  5. Devo to say that if I am I begin to suffer enough waiting for this chapter
    And been very anciosa hoping that they were following it but of all forms
    I am glad *.* I am charmed with it this history and the prominent figures ^^ hope that they could continue it soon.
    Estare very grateful
    Regards chile

  6. Thank youu soo much for the new chapter!!

  7. Lovey chapter !! Thanks 4 the release!!

  8. What an adorable manga this is turning out to be.(:

  9. thank u alot i really like this manga..
    waiting 4 the chapter 8 ^ـ^

  10. hello, my name is kotaro_166 and I'm a ledear of a vietnamese translation team : TKVN Group ( I would want to ask you your authorisation to translate your projects :
    -Past Future
    -Sazanami Cherry
    -Usotsuki Lily
    I hope you will answer.
    Thank you for all your work

  11. As stated in the FAQ, you are free to re-translate the manga we release into other languages.

  12. Lovee this manga so much!!! thank you for share with us!!