Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sheltered Trap Syndrome

Here we have a couple more releases with our ongoing joint project with Deus Ex Scans. They are chapters 1 and 2 of Porte Tricolore by Seri Minase. It's basically a fantasy series with magic, instead the only ones who can use magic are traps. The series revolves around three brothers, Rio, Noa and Rei Olmsted living on Olmsted Island who are at the age where they're just about to start using magic. The rest is up for you to find out. And good news, the next issue of Waai Mahalo will be released in late December.

And, the latest issue of the main Waai magazine just came out, so we'll be restarting those various series, which is good timing since we just finished up with Kuragehime volume 10.

Porte Tricolore ch. 1: Gett
Porte Tricolore ch. 2: Gett


  1. Thanks as always, and it's good to hear an update on waai Mahalo .

  2. sounds good, thanks a lot for the new release!!

  3. What about Usolily? We haven't heard about that in a while.