Tuesday, November 13, 2012

You've Fallen Right Into My Delicious Trap

Today we have for you the first in (hopefully) a series of releases we'll be doing in collaboration with NJMANGA of Deus Ex Scans, who usually provides us with the raws for the Waai and Oto Nyan series we've done, but who also does cleaning/redrawing with Deus.

This is the first chapter of Chuu x2 Trap by Kurena Minakami and appeared in the first issue of Waai Mahalo, a spin-off of Waai that started publication earlier this year. We've already released a few chapters of Himegoto+ from Mahalo, too. However, currently there are only two issues out, and the third issue is late, so we're not entirely sure if there will be more. But for now, there is at least one other chapter of Chuu x2 Trap that was released in the second issue which we'll hopefully release soon as well.

It's about Minori Takasaki, a lesbian who plans on having a lovely time surrounded by young girls in her new high school. However, she gets involved with a trap, Yuuki Toudou, the student council president. Think Maria Holic, but without the sadism. Shounen Oujo chapter 10 is on the way.

Chuu x2 Trap ch. 1: Gett


  1. oh cool, something new to check out, thanks a lot!!

  2. Ohhh this is a surprise! Thanks a lot!

  3. This one has a lot of potential, I totally didn't see the vampire angle coming. It's also interesting that you say he won't be a sadist like Maria even though he does in fact blackmail her.

    Cross your fingers for some romance between the two!

  4. My head-canon will be that the vampire is a trans woman, so lesbians!