Monday, June 24, 2013

Chocolate Cream Pudding: Yum!

And now here's chapter 2 of Sweet Magic Syndrome. You may notice that we upped the resolution a bit, which may make it easier to read, since the text is generally very small (compared to other manga).

Also, yes, Zenryoku "Otome" has finished, and the volume for it comes out in a few days. When we get it, if there's any bonus content in it, we'll be happy to release it. We're not sure when we'll get it, but probably before the end of the summer. As for the Josou Shounen anthology series, Ichijinsha has not announced a new volume in over 5 months, so it's likely that the series ended at volume 15, Ribbon Group. If so, we've released about 60% of the series so far.

Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 2: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. It is good to read Cuteg's manga but as TG Lovers, I'm trying my best to enjoy this release...
    Thanks for the 2nd chapter.

  2. Wow, that was fast! Thanks for doing this, it's cute.

  3. Thanks! This series is adorable!