Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Sweetness Follows!

Now for another double release: chapters 5 and 6 of Sweet Magic Syndrome. We're finally halfway through the volume and still so much more left to follow.

Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 5: Mediafire, Dropbox
Sweet Magic Syndrome ch. 6: Mediafire, Drobpox


  1. You guys are crazy. We're going to die from sweetness overload !

  2. Wow, your pace certainly is fast!

  3. 2 questions

    are you guys going to do this?
    Otokoi by Tomekichi
    or have a summary somewhere?

    and about Zenryoku Otome
    the 5th chapter is really the last?
    or the tanko is going to have other chapters?

    1. We're probably not going to do Otokoi, at least not any time soon.

      And the 5th chapter of Zenryoku was the last one published in the Josou Shounen releases, so we won't know if the volume has any additional content until we buy it, or see a summary of it somewhere.

  4. hope that's not the last chapter of zenryoku otome.

    do you have at least a summary of otokoi?
    the cover is really cute

    1. It looks to be a collection of one-shots Tomekichi released in various trap anthologies Million released (the publisher of Oto Nyan) which are a close equivalent to the Josou Shounen anthologies by Ichijinsha. A summary can be found here: