Thursday, June 20, 2013

Solving Family Problems with Cross-dressing!

Here they are, the final two one-shots from this issue of Waai. The first is Family Compilation by Kamaboko Red, and it's a sequel to the Family Complete one-shot from the previous issue. Although this time, it focuses on the eldest brother Momiji. It also has a couple of beautiful color pages, as you can see of the title page.

The second is Damatte Watashi no Iu Koto Kikinasai! (Shut Up and Do As I Say!) by Airi Mori. Kanata Tsukishiro's dead twin sister frequently takes possession of him, and so he asks Yumeto Ookawachi, who his sister had a crush on before she died, if he would help her to pass on. Both one-shots are cute, so enjoy.

Family Compilation one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox
Damatte Watashi no Iu Koto Kikinasai! one-shot: Mediafire, Dropbox


  1. Thank you so much, and the colour pages of Family Compilation, look beautiful.

  2. Those were cute, thanks a lot!